What we do


Longitude’s advisory services help you to plan and develop high-achieving content and evidence-based campaigns. We help you to formulate thought leadership strategies, understand the competitive landscape and determine how to maximise returns on your investment. Our advisory services include:

  • Competitor benchmarking

    Using Longitude’s proprietary methodology to evaluate your company’s content marketing activity vs your competitors’, which helps you to create truly distinctive thought leadership

  • Client demand studies

    Interviews with internal and external stakeholders to gather insights into areas of interest

  • Topic-positioning studies

    Analysing hot and emerging topics in your chosen markets and providing evidence-backed recommendations on where to focus

  • Campaign planning

    Designing a long-term thought leadership campaign to deliver maximum impact and value for money

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We provide world-class expertise in quantitative and qualitative research. We help clients to design research that meets their marketing objectives, and then manage the process to ensure high-quality outcomes. Our research services include:

  • Survey research

    End-to-end delivery, from hypothesis setting through to analysis, data visualisation and storytelling

  • In-depth interview programmes

    We have a large database of C-suite business leaders, specialist executives, academics and other key influencers who we can interview for qualitative research

  • Data modelling and indices

    Our economists are experts in sourcing data and modelling it to create powerful research outputs that drive press coverage and provide unique, original insight

  • Professional desk research

    Our professional desk research adds depth and rigour to thought leadership content


We produce a range of content assets to suit the needs of different audiences at each stage of the sales journey. Our focus is on creating campaigns of content that have lasting impact. Our content services include:

  • Digital-first editorial content

    Our work reflects the demands of today’s audiences, who expect content that is designed for digital – in terms of both structure and delivery

  • Traditional thought leadership reports

    We have deep expertise in shaping highly credible long-form content that holds the attention of its audience, is authoritative and genuinely insightful

  • Articles and blogs

    Campaigns of short-form content can be a powerful way to build and sustain a conversation with audiences, and create a ‘drumbeat’ to reinforce messaging and increase brand awareness

  • Points of view and opinion pieces

    We work with your senior leadership team to extract their perspectives and convert these into powerful, distinctive and insightful opinion pieces

  • Visual content

    Our infographics showcase your research and visualise key messages in a concise and engaging way

  • Interactive content

    Audiences increasingly expect a personalised experience from thought leadership; we produce a range of interactive assets, including benchmarking tools and animations

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