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Thought-Leading Brands

The smartest companies get 4x more commercial benefit from their campaigns

For B2B brands, thought leadership has emerged as a vital way to increase revenuesnurture client relationships and boost brand reputation.

Our latest research shows that spend on insights-led marketing is up by 20% compared with two years ago, but also reveals not all companies are getting a good return on their investment.

The findings uncover that few companies know how to create thought leadership that packs a punch — research-led campaigns that give them a lasting competitive advantage. At the same time, the challenge of engaging and influencing business audiences is getting more and more complex.

The research

Our survey of 360 senior executives responsible for planning or supporting thought leadership programmes identifies why some companies are getting a much bigger bang for their buck.

The Thought-Leading Brands, as we call this group of top practitioners, outperform their peers by a factor of four or more, combining focused thought leadership strategies with excellence in execution.

“The actions of the Thought-Leading Brands in our survey shed light on how other organisations can ensure they also get the maximum value from their thought leadership programmes.”

Gareth Lofthouse, Co-founder, Longitude

Discover and share with your team these essential insights:


  1. Best practices that enable these Thought-Leading Brands to achieve success
  2. How digital and content marketing strategies are reshaping thought leadership
  3. Where the leaders are investing in new skills and capabilities to remain at the cutting edge
  4. Practical strategies to help align business stakeholders around campaign goals

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